Card Counting Systems

Mathematician Dr. Ed Thorp , author of Beat the Dealer ,is considered the father of card counting.The most famous authority on card counting is Ken Uston , who appeared on 60 minutes.And there is the Mit blackjack team.This team was founded by Bill Kaplan and was the inspiration of the movie Bringing Down the House.All of these helped to bring awareness of card counting as a winning way to beat the casinos. There are several card counting systems. They include balanced card counting systems , unbalanced and back counting systems.In each system , there are dozens of variations and advantages and disadvantages to each.

balanced card systems

In a balanced card counting system , all the cards are assigned a positive or negative value and they balance to a value of zero.Hi/Lo card counting is an example. The Hi/Lo system is also called the Plus/Minus system.And it's just simple math adding or subtracting 1 or adding 0.Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II are also balanced card counting systems.

unbalanced card counting systems

In unbalanced card counting systems , the counts do not end at 0. One advantage is you don't have to convert the count into true count but may sacrifice accuracy. An example of this system is the KO Count,the Red Seven counting system and the Uston SS are great examples.

back counting systems

Back counting also called wonging is about counting cards in an established game and then joining when the card count looks favorable.Usually it is done in shoe game where players are apt to stay rather than a 1 to 2 game round .The player does not play every hand is an advantage but the disadvantage is that casino personnel might perceive the observer as a card counter.

group counting systems

In group counting systems , players play while keeping count when there's a good advantage , a group member will wong in and bet higher sums. This was the method used by the Mit blackjack team.The money made is an obvious advantage but it has to be split. Also signals have to be called which could alert casino personnel and you have to have trained partipants.

Blackjack Card Counting Strategies

Card counting

Card counting is a strategic plan to assess when there is an advantage.It calls for tracking of ratio of cards from high to low.The basics are that high cards aces , kings , queens , jacks and tens are better and indicate a more favorable outcome than low cards whose appearance may indicate a bust.A running count is kept by a point score of the value each card .Each card is given either 1+ , 0 or -1. There are others card counting strategies that rank up to 5+ but due to time in a casino might not be applicable for an actual game.Below is several types of card counting systems and strategies

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